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How to connect BNC Crimp-ON to Coaxial CableDownload

 Installation of the 2 Piece BNC Crimp type connector
A crimp type connection allows for quick and simple installation while still maintaining a mechanical and electrical connection fairly close to a solder type termination. Some of the key points to remember are as follows: Make sure to use the proper size connector for the type of cable you are using. Make sure all cuts and stripping is clean. Avoid nicks as much as possible. Use the proper crimp tool, don't try to improvise with pliers, etc.

Follow these steps below:

How to connect BNC Twist-ON to coaxial cable(RG59 75-3/75-4/75-5)?

Each end of your cabling must be stripped back. Measurements of the stripped coax wire (above) can vary without any problems. However, do not allow the ?outer stranded wire? to touch (contact) the center copper wire. Inserting your stripped coax cabling into your BNC connector: If you look inside of the BNC connector, you?ll see an inner sleeve (small hole) at the end of it. When inserting your coax cable into your BNC connector, make sure that the center copper wire slips into the end of this inner sleeve in the BNC.