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BSCCTV"BANGSHI Closed Circuit Television" is a video security system in which the circuit is closed

and all elements are  directly connected by cable or wireless technology. Perhaps the most widely known is the CCTV security systems in supermarket, school, factory,banks,metor,government departments, offices, etc. But in reality the scope of application is almost unlimited.
Monitoring the traffic bridge;
Monitoring of basketball stadiums;
installed in buses to control the disorder and vandal events;
The list is almost endless and depends only on the imagination.


Main components of video security systems
 It can be divided into three main parts: camera(bangshi-camera) , monitor and recording device(DVR). These are the main components. Of course, additional equipment is required for larger areas, or for monitoring in real time.


Camera (bangshi-camera)

Security Cameras have different sizes, use different methods for communication. Its most important component is CCD(Charge Coupled-Device) . This technology uses a small piece of silicon instead of film to receive the image captured by the lens. Then it turned into electrical pulsation. The size of the light sensing matrix and whether you need a black and white (B/W) or color images must be taken into account when choosing any Camera. For example: a common Camera has CCD matrix size of 1/2”. This size provides  sufficient image quality. For low lighting environments size between 1/3" and 1" is a good idea.
It is also known that black and white cameras provide better image than color cameras in weak lighting environment . Also important is the camera sensitivity to light. Lux is a measure of sensitivity, i.e. light quantity of square meters. Low lux units in the specification of Camera means that it has increased ability to work in conditions of weak lighting.
Another point is the resolution of Camera. Just as in digital cameras and computer monitors, the resolution refers to the image quality that you get. The measure for Cameras resolution can be TVL(television line) parameter. A higher value of TVL means better quality. The average security camera is about 420 TVL(television line).




For surveillance systems , CCTV monitor is a necessary part.  Monitors are ideal for factory, home, and other business applications. The monitors are suited to display the best possible picture with crisp, highly detailed images produced from your security cameras. Be sure to consult a professional sales before making decisions.



 DVR enables you to select the precise moment to record the data you want to see. Management of DVR(bangshi DVR) is convenient and easy and offers a different speed record. Monitoring software can always be updated to new software and add more memory. Again we recommend, before purchasing a system for video surveillance, to consult a professional. And to purchase a DVR, do not forget to check the HDD(hard disk memory).
So camera, monitor and DVR is the most three important components. Do not forget my advice: before purchasing a system for video surveillance, to consult a professional sales.