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The purpose of your CCTV system

Installing a video surveillance system is not just about buying a camera, monitor and recorder. The key to work out

correctly is that :why you want the system and what you intend it to do.

The subject of the surveillance

Your business decides the subject of the surveillance. You may want to keep an eye

on the customers in your shop, record vehicles at underground garage, or monitor train station. Decide

what and who you want the cameras to observe. You'll find that putting the right system together then becomes more effective.


Picture quality

CCTV picture quality varies from unstable black and white images to detailed full motion colour recordings

similar to a television programme. The frame rate determines the flow of the pictures by recording at speeds of up to

30 fps (frames per second). The lower the fps, the less fluid the images. A low fps, however, means you can retain

far more on hard drive than you would if you used a full motion recording.



You may wish to keep the CCTV system running all the time and check the recording only when you need

to. On the other hand, you may employ someone to watch the monitor all the time. If so, you can transmit all your

cameras images to one split screen monitor or provide a bank of screens.


Deter or catch in the act

You probably want your CCTV system to deter offenders and to catch them. But you still

need to decide if you'll install large cameras in obvious places or smaller, discrete cameras that are difficult to spot.

You may also have to place your monitor and recorder in a secure room if you're concerned about theft.besides,

you may have to  install warning facility (SK-150,SK-160,SK-11)to remind you ,if you want to catch the offenders quickly.