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CCTV recorders

You need to record the images from your CCTV cameras if you want to review them at a later date and possibly use them as part of a legal action. For many years, the answer was to  install a CCTV DVR (Digital Video Record) linked to your monitor. Even now, many people use this method and it's still possible to buy a good  DVR (bangshi-DVR)for your CCTV system.  

DVRs (digital video recorders)

DVRs have a number of major advantages .
Intelligent monitoring. You can programme your DVR to take just one picture every second, for instance, and to record up to 30 frames per second when one of your cameras registers motion in its field of view.
Hard drive(hard disk). A DVR records directly to a hard disk within the machine. A good capacity hard disk can record for weeks on end; it also gives you images that don't broken up  over time.
Instant retrieval. With a DVR, you don't need to scan through hour after hour of tape to find the images taken at a certain time. You can go straight to the pictures you need to see or to the moment when full motion started (see Intelligent monitoring above).
Dual function. DVRs can play and record at the same time, allowing you to check your images without interrupting the flow of the recording.
Multiplexer. DVRs also work as multiplexers. Depending on the DVR model and the size of monitor you can view up to  different images on one screen and then switch to the one picture that most interests you.


DVR options


There are now more DVRs with digital technology on the market . you have a wide choice of options and  should pay attendtions to the following aspets .
Size of Hard drive(500GB,1000GB,1500GB hard disk). To give you some idea of hard disk capacity, you can record 5 – 8 days' worth of full motion images from one camera with 80GB (gigabytes). If you set the DVR for intelligent monitoring, the capacity improves significantly. When you have a number of cameras linked to the same DVR, you may prefer a 500GB machine or larger.Generally speaking ,hard drive will remove the oldest video material  to store the latest  once it's full.

Recording quality. When you purchase a DVR,you'll find there are plenty of specifications relating to quality. To cut through any confusion, keeping in mind that the cameras and monitors also have an impact on the standard of the demo.
Number of cameras. CCTV suppliers sell DVRs (4/8/16CH Network DVR)with a specified number of camera connections ranging from 1 – 16. To avoid buying another DVR in the future, you need to decide how many cameras you currently need and how many you might want to add later.
Exporting images. If you intend to use your CCTV pictures to prosecute someone or simply to aid the police, you'll want to export the images to a CD. Some DVRs come with a built-in CD writer and others have a connection that allows you to attach an external CD writer or a laptop.