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Operation Caution of CCTV cameras Download
Operation Caution of CCTV cameras
1. Handle the camera with care .The camera could be damaged by improper handling or storage.
2.Please  do not atempt to take apart  the camera In order to prevent electric shock, do not remove screws or cover. there are no user-serviceable parts inside. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
3. .Please  do not expose the camera to rain or moisture or try to operate in wet areas. Take immediate action if the camera becomes wet. Turn the power off and refer servicing to qualified service personnel. Moisture can damage the camera and also create a danger of electric shock. of cause,you can choose  the weather proof cameras to solve these problem .
4..Please  do not use strong or abrasive detergents when cleaning the camera body. Use a dry cloth to clean the camera when dirty. In case the dirt is hard to remove ,use a mild detergent and wipe gently.
5. Never point the camera toward the sun. Whether the camera is used outdoors or not.Never point it towad the sun.Use caution when operating the camera in the vicinity of spot lights or other bright lights and Light-reflceting objects.
6.Please  do not operate the camera beyond its temperature, humidity or power source ranges. Do not use the camera in an extreme environment where high temperature or high humidity exists. Use the camera under the specifications. For the correct power supply,refer to the specification sheet.