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what is infrared led array camera
what is infrared led array camera ?

Infrared array camera is designed to include: lens, shell, infrared array light,and other necessory materials. this kind of camera is a night vision camera, can take vedio in a abselutly dark environment. 

An infrared array LED light is made up of two sections of semiconductor material, a positively charged section and and a negatively charged section. 
When the LED light is powered off, the area in-between these two sections becomes a neutral depletion zone that does not allow current to pass from one side to the other. With the addition of an electrical charge, electrons on the negative side are able to jump to the positive side, a process that allows the electrons to release a certain amount of energy and emit a photon. 

the contrast photos:
  infrared array light   common infrared light

the advantage of the infrared array light:

50,000 hours super long life span
integrated ir led array chip---smaller size, longer life
sharp and smooth light, no dark corner
very large angle vision range

the infrared array camera and the common infrared camera:
          infrared array cameracommon infrared camera